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Friday, March 09, 2007

Stock Report: Bleach 118 (AKA "Kanako Ohno would definitely fap to this")


Rukia gets pwned, animation levels go up, and Kubo Tite attempts to write Ikkaku as more than "that bald guy who got punked ages ago."

Investors were quite pleased with Bleach's performance this week, after a surprisingly weak-sauce outing last Friday. Analysts cite the abundance of sword clashing and manly-man talk being key factors into BLCH gains.

However, there were many who found it a stretch to buy into this Ikkaku v2.0—despite a major PR push—when the last time active, he was busy being the second guy in Soul Society to job-out to Ichigo (and at least the first guy had big gimmicky axes).

Some suggest that perhaps he got more fleshed out in the fillers, which would be nice and sufficant... except for the small issue that they donut exist to the almighty Crayotic Rockwell.

Analysts also wonder "what is up" with the Vaizard? It seems apparent that they have some interesting part to play in the company's immediate future, but as of writing, their entire introduction to the arc seems rather redundant.

(and it doesn't really help when ostensibly, the only difference between them and the Arrancar is that one takes their mask off, and the other puts it on)

BLCH fought back to win a nice 2 point rise for investors.

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