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Monday, February 19, 2007

Recaps: Negima?!, Tokyo Majin Buu, and *EXCLUSIVE* Naruto Shippuden!!

Negima?! 14: The class of 3-A continue to be stuck in the world of illusion, Asuna has let loose a giant beast that wants to devour them, and Negi-sensei is still a chucacabra, oh gno!!

Negima?! has perhaps the dullest of couldn't-care-less continual arcs—certainly of those airing today.. so it's really lucky that they've got everything else to fall back on instead.

The comedy and overall vibe of things has picked up from the beginning. Now I'm not sure if it's due to a tangible improvement, or if it's just because the more I watch, the more I forget about how much better the Mahou Sensei Negima! manga is. Either way it seems to work (although I'd still like to see the Mahora festival get butchered adapted.. Can I get a Hellsing OVA treatment in hurr?)

Chix dig magix. Takahata-sensei is lovin' it. Asuna-chan, chance!

And I think it's been mentioned before that sky-diving in anime is pretty rad. Well, imagine sky-diving out of a crumbling castle, miles high in the sky, while 20 or so highschool girls shotacon a preteen teacher in chupacabra form.. that must be like rad x(2+7) to the power of HOLYCOW.

Kaede is so hot.

Naruto Shippuuden 1-2: The time finally arrives and these guys made certain to announce that we're now into some next level shit after all the filler. Everything about this, from the widescreen opening, to the animation, to the title addition, to the music (which I want to point out as especially awesome.. new tracks?) screamed HEY YOU FUCKS, THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

Which is quite something in contrast to the limping from the gates that Bleach decided to pull off with a flaccid two-incher, I may add.

And it's only been 2 episodes and already I'm back into the "omg cliffhanger what happens next?!" phase of Narucrack... sheeeit, dangling balls, GET!

Temari is so hot.

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou 3: We continue to get drip-fed more little tidbits of information this ep.. I don't know if it's a narrative choice or just because they're pressed for time, but I'm kinda digging it. Sure, they coulda done done a five minute explanation of them gaining the antique store as a headquarters, but why waste time with that when you can show Maria-sensei in casual cutoff RAWK! clothes?

Houraiji was really acting like a bit of a dickface this episode. I guess that's his gimmick, but c'mon, Aoi is crazy moe (as in, *really* moe, but with an urban flavor.. not in a "those Higurashi girls are so moe" sense). If Houraiji doesn't support that, the anime industry is doomed to fail.

Ravens mawling tiny Japanese people is so hot.

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