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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Real blogging is for losers. I've got cheap recaps!

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight 4: The epic quest to create the most bestest school fair begins! A bunch of great moments in this ep. Early noms go out to Mika's belief in "little people", the closing "victory pose", and Mei totally fanservicing it up in her bedroom for the pedo tsundere audience.

And ufotable, I love you. Most studios would be happy to just phone this one in now they've got the kimi-otas hooked, but It's only been 4 eps and already you've taken a cute loli show and thrown in some WTF?? In this ep, Mei goes totally Shinji and snaps due to some childhood trauma. However, rather than it ending with her jerking off over a coma patient, Manabi convinces her to believe in the power "Massugu Go!" and stuff.

Personally, I woulda gone for the wank.

Fake-Loli Utopia wants in your house

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou 2: The series flashes back 2 months to before the A-Team formed.. and even then it still doesn't really make a whole lot of sense.. But that doesn't matter because this series is pure awesome, coz people jump out of second floor school buildings and start fights for no reason and there's ghost boobs.

Wasn't as BLAOW as the first ep animation-wise, but it hasn't hit NHK levels yet, so I'm happy about that. And I love the character designs.

Did I mention I love Maria-sensei too?

Ghost Hunt 16: The Shibuya Psychic Research Center continue with the case of the possessed high school, and Mai gets indirect hugz from Naru *squeal*

This series started off real shaky, but it's just gotten better with each case, and this episode was the best one yet, with a pretty damn awesome plot twist at the end. As an aside, I dunno why Mai is so hung up on Naru. Bou-san is way more GAR.

I also just found out that this is based off a Shoujo series, which I find surprising, because it doesn't look like shit. Wheee!

Ghost Hunt

Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori 8: Woot, this week there's a fake Hotline To Hell put up on the intaweb, and Enma Ai decides she ain't taking none of this guff with people sending out tacky porn spam and tarnishing the true loli-demon reputation. A pretty sweet tale of revenge follows (but no Ippen Shinde Miru this week either?! Ah well, I still got to see someone get their ass handed).

And on the subject of MILFs, Hone-onna is pretty smoking. There's just something about that period era prostitute look which is cowabunga. (y'know, Japan style. Not those cheap english whores who were busy putting on rouge and giving serial killers justifiable motivation)

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto 12: I was trying to come up with a summary for this ep, when it occured to me that I have absolutely NO CLUE what is really going on here—in fact, I can't even remember the names of 90% of the main characters, let alone the side characters they keep referencing.

Let's just say that I really hope this isn't going to go for 26 eps.

Basugasu Bakuhatsu

D.Gray-Man 16: Just in case you'd forgotten, it's a likely never-ending shounen action series about a group of exorcists who must hunt down "innocence" and stop the Millenium Earl, who looks like Mary Poppins on crack, from like violating the world with an evil umbrella.

This ep Panda goes and fights Hercules from Fate/Stay night coz he's a huge blow-hard, and then Allen comes along and cries about something.

This is another of those series which started out shaky but got better as time went by.. although it's only marginally in this case. And largely due to the fact that Lenalee's Dark Boots are like, the sweetest weapon about, and she looks really hot stomping on chumps heads like Super Mario.

This franchise has a stupid name



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