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Friday, March 02, 2007

Cheap Recaps: Naruto Shipuuden 4 (AKA "Who got sand in your vag'?")


A lot more Gaara action this episode as it focused on his fight with the bubblegum hands guy, with the conclusion to Kakashi's test taking more of a backseat.

It was very liberating to see that I have exactly the same weakness as Kakashi. So I guess that means I = Awesome? Probably so... probably so.

And is making kamikaze origami all that Akatsuki guy can do? Because that's not exactly l33t by any stretch. And the more important question: Can he give himself a blowjob with his hands? WELL CAN HE??

Unfortunately the animation quality seemed to take a bit of a drop... Mainly the stuff with Naruto, but some of Gaara's movements seemed kinda funky and NHK'ish (which is sorta inexcusable considering how little movement the guy actually makes).

Lots of characters suffered from Barbra Streisand syndrome, too.

For more details go check out Average Asian Anime Blog, as that sums it up much better than I: Naruto Shippuuden 4 - Awfully “Awesome”

Friday saw a drop for shareholders of Naruto Industries.
Analysts blame poor packaging.

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