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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto 13 (AKA: "playwrights are GAR")

Investors were surprised by a sudden surge in Tuesday trading.

Booting up bsplayer there was no doubt in my mind; I was 110% resolute. There was NO WAY that I was continuing after episode 13. This would most certainly be the last time I watch this convoluted series with more confusing names and supporting cast members than Pani Poni Dash. Definitely.

Especially after we discovered how the gunslinger lost his eye. Big burlyman brawl? Fighting pirates? Attacked by ninja grizzly bears? Nope. A carriage accidentaly kicked up a pebble into his retina. Dissapointing mythology for a badass character to say the least. So like I said, I was done with the show.

Turns out he's not GAR at all, and is just a big mammas boy.

Well, it didn't quite work out that way. I tried. I really tried. But I've got to be frank, and the final act of Sir Soutetsu's play blew my cock to London with a layover in Awesomeistan.

Now sure, I might exaggerate how great a certain scene is ocassionally, to keep things spicy... but this was hands down the best execution of a reveal/climax in any anime I've seen prior. The tarp coming down, the candles, the music, the framing. BLAOW!

I even exclaimed "Holy shit!" aloud (to my own surprise), much like those fat rednecks who go to wrestling shows. Sometimes anime will get a kneejerk reaction of "titties!" or "incest!" from me, but the elusive "holy shit!" chant is a first.

So yeah, I'm watching the next ep. I don't really expect for this quality to hold over, but feel as though I kinda owe them it.

BAKU staves off bankruptcy this week. Can they "stage" (huhu) a comeback?

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