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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Whoops, just to add to my last post...

I also dropped "Id0lm@$73R Xen()GlOssiA" and "Nanoha Lyrical StrikerS" or whatever it's called after three eps each.

Bleh to both of them. Even penguins can't contain me.


Well, it's been a while since the last post eh? I haven't even had a chance to read other people's blogs due our household finally moving up to next-gen with an xbox 360. Luckily for one fortunate ASX fan out there, I've sprained my pinky and index fingers and have been sidelined from Guitar Hero II for a short while (Gamertag: "Crayotic" lawl plug).

So I'll make this a quick one (look forward to a rant in the next few days though.. or don't, if you can think of a better way to spend five minutes on the internet) and give a look at the power rankings of this latest season and how many eps I'm current on (just so you know where I'm comin' from).

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Top Tier (AKA: "I'd buy that for a dollar... or $23.99usd per dvd, whichever)

  • Hayate no Gotoku! (ep9) Pure awesomeness with lol poured all over it. Think Benson, except that trap is the new black.

  • Bokurano (ep4) Bokurano is the Best story this season and these kids are fucked.

  • Denno Coil (ep2) Like a Miyazaki film if they had internets and the character designs were nicer (yeah, I said it).

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    Better Than Average (AKA: "I'd maybe support the industry if I had cash burning a hole in my pocket")

  • Seto no Hanayome (ep5) Best love triangle ever! Maki is annoying though.

  • Ookiku Furikabutte (ep3) The main charachter is such a lame-ass but the ensemble and storytelling is fun. I'm a sucker for sports anime, though.

  • Gurren Lagann (ep6) Also know as "Much Manliness and Tits". Character designs are a black hole of inspiration but it's awesomeness seems to make up for it.

  • Sola (ep8) Plot seems kinda boring Just been moved up a tier after everyone snapped and went nuts. Koyori is happy to say that Koyori has a much different opinion of this show, now. Even before the plot advancement, Matsuri was worth watching the show for alone.

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    Ehhh (AKA: "It's either just 'Okay' or unproven as of yet")

  • Lucky Star (ep6) Gets better after more characters come in and they stop talking about how to eat pastry, but it's still no Azumanga Daioh. The OP rules though, fuck you all.

  • Nagasarete Airantou (ep6) Standard harem but on an all female island. At least there's not a lot of fluffing about. Giant fruit and bishi bears is always funny.

  • OverDrive (ep4) This and Sola have the best female leads this season. It's a slow series, but the surprisingly effective comedy keeps it moving as we wait for them to--hopefully--get seriously into training.

  • Hitohira (ep2) Feelgood and nice designs. Color palette makes me wanna jerk over the stills. Where are the fansubs though?

  • Gigantic Formula (ep5) Kamichu! meets robots. Great blushes, awful CGI. Don't expect it to get much better than it is already, which is "alright I guess".

  • Claymore (ep 6) No matter how good they may be, extended flashbacks fail. Right now I like Teresa more than Claire. That can't be a good thing?

  • Darker Than Black (ep5) Could be really good if they got the plot moving. Who knows right now.

  • Kiss Dum: Engage Planet (ep2) May be THE best pilot this season.. it's just too unknown how this series will turn out once the action dies down.

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    Dropped (AKA "SUXORZ")

  • Tokyo Majin Kenpuchou (ep11) Great first ep. Turned into a snore fest.

  • Touka Gettan (ep4) Almost tempted to keep it on coz of how WTF it is, but too much other anime that makes actual sense to bother with it this season.

  • The Skull Man (ep1) I'm sick of following reporters about for dai scoop. The theme song is also horrifically matched to the opening animation.

  • Getsumen To Heiki Miina (ep4) Once you get past the overall weirdness of it, it's pretty formulaic unfortunately :/ I might have continued watching it in a season with less options.

  • Monster Princess (ep1) Are you fucking kidding me? BEGONE!

  • Hidemari Sketch (ep2) Can't remember if this was now or last season, but it gets the dills anyway.

    Okay, I lied.. that wasn't quick at all.