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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just a few quick recaps...

Hidamari Sketch 1: I had expected a bit after seeing some reviews about, but this really surprised me. How to describe the feeling? Umm.. it's kinda like the surprise you feel when you use 170mb of bandwidth and then wonder what the hell you're doing watching this.

Best way I can sum up the show is that it's like Pani Poni Dash! but really boring less crazy. And none of the characters really have enough personality to drive a slice-of-life show like this.

I guess I'll give it one more episode because it'd be rude otherwise, but wow, it was like watching people sit around a table and talk about photographs. Wait, it's not like that. It is that!

Kekkaishi: Can't remember what ep, but it had wolfo a wolfo action. I prefer it when people are saying "ketsu!" and stuff ("tenketsu!" is the real money) but yeah, this was okay enough.
Oh, I also love the OP and ED music for this series; they need to get some singles out there already.

I'll buy them.


Madarao is totally hard gay, huhu.

Code Geass 16: Even better than the episode before it (and that one had boobix). The payoff may not have been there for everyone, but if Suzuku makes you want to cook up a plate of Eternal-Hate with a side dish of Face-Punch, there was nothing better than watching him get PUNK'D by Mao... and then Mao BLAOW'D by the Pizza Hut broad. Everyone wins!

Kanon 19: OMG STEAMY FAKE-LOLI MAKEOUT, BONUS CHANCE! One thing though.. it's like it took 10 episodes or something for the dorama to start in this show, and it's been people crying non-stop since Mai did bunny cosplay. I like to see girls with tears in their eyes as much as the next guy, but you can have too much of a good thing.

Jigoku Shoujo Futakamori 7: Oh yeah, people are still subbing this? I had almost forgotten about my favourite episodic revenge series. Interesting concept this time, but they skipped the ippen shinde miru so boooo!

Is that blue eyed demon loli gonna actually do anything? So far her purpose seems to be little beyond pissing me off. Don't mess with Ai, chibi whore spawn!

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