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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Recaps: Kenichi 9, and the Manabi ep that spawned thousands of yuri doijins

The World's Slowest Fansub, Kenichi 9: The school's most feared gang called Everquest2 is closing in on Kenichi, and the only thing he can do is remain out of sight by hiding himself behind Miu's giant kung-foo breasts.

Luckily though, this entire episode is about Kenichi getting Muay Thai training from Apachai, so ass-whupping should be somewhere in the direct future for our weak legged hero.

Believe it or not though, but the OP has gotten new animation added to it (for the uninitiated, it's pretty much been segments from the first ep up until now), with umm Gar guy and Judo guy knocking the shit out of people.. nothing for the others though.. which is especially a shame for Shigure, because Shigure is made of mountains of tsundere sex chocolate.

[Witty--yet insightful--comment here]

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight 5: Manabi-chan has caught the mumps! (Because clearly there's not enough chubby cheeks in this show and we need MOAR) That leaves Mikan and Mei all alone in the student council office to let each other do "this" and "that" beat up gar-sensei for a week.

omg I love Mikan, she's just sooo cute, especially when she does her serious face >:3

Also, Mei is so totally gay for her.. but wait, coz Mikan is totally gay for the rival school's council president! And what's even worse, is that the most obviously dyke character in the series, Mucchi, doesn't seem to be gay for anybody but athletics! Manabi Straight = MIND BLOWING.

Oh and wait, what the fuck does "When friends become buddies" anyway??

Momo copped it off ebay, C.O.D.

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