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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Recap: Code Geass 17 (aka, "I still hate Suzaku")

I hate him like impz hates Shiori

Zero and The Order Of The Black Knights are tasked with helping free the Japanese Liberation band frontman, Kyoshirou Toudou, in a daring PRISON BREAK (©20th Century Fox) before Suzaku executes him (because that's his way of the government lapdog-dattebayo). During so, Lelouch finally discovers the identity of the Lancelot pilot and snaps... or has he devised a cunning plan, instead?

Also Princess Euphemia announced that she wants the dirty Japanese peon, Suzaku, as her knight (I'm guessing this is contemporary euphanism for "fucking"? I'm not really up with the terms nowdays). I hope they both get given the Diana/Fayed royal treatment and their asses get assassinated. Goodbye useless Euphemia. Sayonara cockblocking Suzaku.

Worst thing is that now Suzaku's probably going to think that this is proof that towing the line is the best way to bring change to evil Brittanian dictatorships. Yeah, maybe if you're lucky enough to have a Princess on your jock, assmunch.

lol u killed ur Dad, u is failz

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