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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

El Cazador De La Buja 1 (AKA: "I'm sure it's already been mentioned 100 times but...")

Wound? What wound?

A professional assassin bounty hunter tracks down a softly spoken mysterious girl complete with amnesia, hidden mad skillz, and a big reward on her head. Together, they've got to figure out this girl's secret past, while doing shooting other assassins bounty hunters, set to an awesome techno slash classical foreign soundtrack, while the audience wonders what the fuck is happening on screen because the director is too much of an assninja to allow blood in a production about girls with guns shooting people in the face.

Hey, wait a second? This isn't a new anime series... This is just Noir set in a different fucking region!

Well, the professions are slightly different.. and as a result, the characters are a little more upbeat at least. Still, I'm not gonna give this show much effort to get over, because frankly, Noir kinda sucked for 90% of it's episodes despite it's acclaim.

I didn't sign onto this shit!

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