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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

About This Site

Last Updated: 13/05/2006

What the hell? Stock Exchange, what's this all supposed to do?

In it's most simple terms, The Anime Stock Exchange is a place to get predictions on an anime's potential and quality of entertainment in the near-future, based off of current information at hand.

Example: In the latest episode of Untitled Mahou Harem Comedy (CRAYDAQ: UMHC) a boisterous new tomboy character from Osaka that wears glasses is introduced, this may cause UMHC's share price to bump up a wicked +$5, based on the market's confidence for the future of that series. Likewise, it could instead take a nosedive -$15 if the writers of Mai Otome come onboard to wrap up the rest of UMHC's season.

There are many things to take into account, but our experts will try to explain a change in price as best they can.

Market... investors... shareholders... Isn't it true that none of these exist and it's just you typing stuff on a computer at home, eating a Twix?

Yes, but don't ruin the fantasy for all the children still innocent enough to believe.

So what's this all mean? The money isn't real. In fact, you probably don't even have two quarters to rub together!

That's a good point. But to answer the first question, you can basically look at the share prices like this:

  • $60 = Better than sex with myself. This kind of series can create drooling zealots and make even the most stingy fan want to import all sorts of wacky merchandise from Japan.

  • $50 = Top of the line stuff. The sort of show is high priority on the watch list, and buying the licenced DVDs is a pretty easy question.

  • $40 = Solid. Watching a second time is not a bad idea. Just so long as it's free.

  • $30 = An average/mediocre show worth watching at least once. Maybe just run-of-the-mill, or perhaps it's blessed by moments of greatness which are unbalanced by some really terrible parts.

  • $20 = Ugh, we're talking some real shoddy stuff now.

  • $10 = Anime from the dredges of Hell. Tasukete!

  • Enough jibber jabber! You're confusing my head with all these fool words!

  • Security/Property/Company/etc = For most intents and purposes, the anime series in mention.

  • CRAYDAQ = The name of this Stock Market. There might be others out there, but then again... most likely not.

  • Index = A listing of select securities/anime series on the CRAYDAQ.

  • IPO = Initial Public Offering. Meaning the first week a series makes it onto the exchange. IPO share prices are determined in multiple of $5s

  • Delist = When an anime series ends or is dropped from my viewing schedule for whatever reason, this is what it does.

  • Portfolio = Complete list of anime you actually watch yourself

  • I have to admit, this idea is just too awesome. You must have stolen it from someone genius!

    Well, you could say that ripped off the idea from The Hollywood Stock Exchange, but in all fairness, I had the idea years before them (or at least finding out about them) and this is far more shoddy.

    I saw Jason Miao doing this for his Haruhi Awesomeness Index. You link him on your blogroll AND also rate Haruhi highly. I see what's going on here...

    Purely coincedental -- he's just quicker at putting up html. Besides, AoMM's version is more like an actual recap. Mine reads far less comprehensible. Making it just like a real stock market!

    Hey, I'm losing a heap of money on Anime Title X according to your market. These stock prices suck ass!

    The CRAYDAQ can't accomodate everyone's opinions, unfortunately. The current market also has a natural predilection for comedy, incest, and large bewbs. Shoujo and ugly character designs tend to get the short stick, however. The CRAYDAQ has also been active for only five years or about (as of 2006) giving it less financial backing with the serious otaku. But while it's investors may not be able to name a top 10 list of seiyuu, they do (claim to) know what works and most importantly, they know what = money.

    That last episode rooled! Why isn't the market reflecting it's bestness?

    Sometimes there's a backlog on episodes, so not everything will always read up-to-date. The listings can only reflect the latest data received by the CRAYDAQ.

    What's with the lack of updates? You just type some crap and hit "publish post" c'mon!

    The ASX updates are kept to a weekly format mainly because a) my cheap "review" format doesn't exactly lend itself well to daily updates. Most people would feel ripped off having to load some hundred k's worth of jpg's just to read a few paltry lines on a couple of shows. And b) it's a lot more appealing to me to be able to spend six hours or so (I'm literately retarded) for an update on Sunday/Monday, and then live the rest of my week pressure-free, where I can concentrate on watching anime and not worry about screencaps, html, spellchecking, etc. Good enough for you?


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Seems like an interesting concept. Looking forward to seeing more entries from this blog! :)

    8:14 PM

    Blogger newt said...

    Love the site. Very awesomenest.

    Let me know if you want some free hosting... hehhhehhhehehee

    3:39 AM

    Blogger newt said...

    ... oh crap... ps that was me from Pretty Scythe...

    3:42 AM

    Anonymous Rachel said...

    All this time and I had no idea you had a site I feel like an ass...

    Great site and funny too. I like your writing style.

    3:21 PM

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