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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kanon 21 (AKA "HOLY. SHIT.")

Yes, I've had no experience with Kanon until Kanon 2: Kanon Harder.
I was hoping it wasn't that obvious.

omg, foreshadowing??!

There is seriously something wrong with this series. It drew me in with promises of cute catchphrases and uber moeness... and then they started killing everyone.

Left, right, and center.

Look, I present the facts to you people here today: Yuuichi has more game than any other anime lead in history, yet his success rate with these girls makes Keiichi from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni look like a true fucking winner.

The only logical conclusion I can make of all this, is that Nayuki is psychotic and murdering these bitches out of jealousy. Zettai!

(I was going to say Akiko, coz it always seemed like she had something to hide, but the rogue SUV kinda took care of any suspicions)

What can I tell you? It is.
KEY hate you all; they also hate kittens.

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Anonymous meganeshounen said...

I was almost sure it was Akiko's doing, in order to have Yuuichi all to himself. I mean, I can almost tell that Akiko uses the remains and ashes of all those dead girls in the snow to make her jammu. X_X

5:15 AM


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