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Monday, February 26, 2007

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Gazpacho Soup 4

Big scoopin' all day nikkuh.

There was a whole heap of flashback and emo stuff about characters I don't give two shits about, so it was pretty boring this episode.


Well, should I say it was boring, UNTIL THE MOTHERFUCKING DEMON HEAVY-METAL ROCK CROW TURNED UP. It was short lived, but still good times as the giant monster flew about fucking shit up and destroying highways.

I liked how they managed to drop in that schoolgirl from the previous episode. Most series woulda just introduced her now, but TMGK don't roll like that. They'd prefer to confuse you as much as possible. But that's part of it's charm anyway (>_<)b

It's kinda tough to tell how the series is gonna play out right now.. since it still feels very much like introductory-phase, and there's only vague hints at a plot happening. If they play their cards right this could be pretty special.. if not, it should still at least have some pretty cool looking action scenes ^_^

"Dai Scoo~p!"

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