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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ayo, help a brotherman get his bootleg on

I've had a search about and I've got no idea where you go to find anime t-shirts. I mean, I can find some, but they're a bit craptastic. Surely there's got to be some handy place out there that will allow me to proclaim to the world that I'm a fat smelly geek?

Like is there a one-stop-shop for this kinda thing? Legit is okay, but I don't mind if they're illegally printed works churned out by underpaid Chinese children either. I just want a decent range to peruse, outside of the five FLCL tees you see here or there.

Any suggestions?

(and I know you guys hate leaving comments on Blogger, but pleeease? This is life or death we're talking about, no hyperbole)


Anonymous Tallon said...

They dont have good anime shirts ANYWHERE. Not official, not unofficial, not in the states, not in japan. They just dont exist. =x

3:37 PM

Anonymous kransom said...

cospa has a pretty big selection of awesome tshirts, and I think hlj keeps a fair number of them in stock. I feel at least 80% more manly when wearing my YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD t-shirt.

4:04 PM

Blogger Hung said...

Right Stuf has a T-shirt section, but I dunno how awesome it is.

PS Affiliate link FTW!

4:52 PM

Anonymous reslez said...

check the worldwide garage sale aka ebay

7:37 PM

Blogger Crayotic Rockwell said...

hmm yeh, cospa seems to be the go-to for series that aren't 10 years old.. although like Tallon says, they're not exactly gonna make the fashion industry shake at the knees. (hmm surely there's some way we could capatilize on this.. anyone own a sweatshop?)

Still, I think I've found a couple of buys thanks to you guy's shilling.

8:34 PM

Anonymous tj han said...

Cray: I'm in the midst of preparing to produce my own anime tshirts. HEHE, with my manly tastes, you'll be sure to stand out as the pinnacle of otaku fashion. Stay tuned. Dont blow all your budget on those crappy ones.

8:54 PM

Blogger Crayotic Rockwell said...

So wait, let me get this straight.. the guy who's responsible for me blowing my budget on anime figures is now going to try to squeeze me for apparel as well?


(can I reserve two foreskin-hat tees in advance?)

9:19 PM

Anonymous kransom said...

hmph, I think the cospa shirts are fairly stylish for anime shirts myself. They may not get you as many style points as your average threadless t-shirt (this may be a good thing depending on who you are) but they're a lot better than anything else I've seen around.

10:16 PM


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