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Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Bloghound: Feburary 3rd Buzz!

Joel Steinberg is a weekly critic for no following publications as of yet WHO LET THE BLOGS OUT? WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! L.O.L, just kidding, it's Joel Steinberg here. We're in the second week of my hit column, and wow, you guys must really like to web-blog because there was so much happening I felt like I was chasing my tail all week! Luckily for you, I managed to stand still long enough to let you know what's happening in this wonderful world of anime.

Hey, time's a wasting. Itadakiblog!

ITEM! It's not a second season, but Master Of Orion Highschool Host Club has a dating game in the works for the Playstation 2! Omigosh, steaky!

GO! Gakuen Utopia Manabi Hard Straight is the show everyone has been talking about for a decade and with good reason! But I am a little concerned. Ufochair, I love the special fx in the opening credits (the shakey camera makes me feel like I'm watching the Emmy award winning NYPD Blue again) but please remove the footage of Manabi-chan and her friends spray painting the school. Vandalism is serious business, thank you!

RAZZ! Goro Miyazaki (star of Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II) has been given a Raspberry Award for worst movie and director of 2006! How any anime can be included in this is ridiculous, but they also listed The Da Vincent Code as a runner up, so these guys obviously know nothing about great adaptations. Bank on it!

NOTICE! What's the hottest shows out of Japan right now? Well, get some ice because Aviator: The Last Airbender and Afro Ninja are both scorching! *SIZZLE!* But does anyone know where I can download the subs, instead?

SUPERSIZE THIS! Sick of eating dumb American food like Taco Bell and French Fries? Why don't you give Naratsu Fruitsu Mangos a try? The Anime Website has the recipe for you, I think it's anime-licious! (hey, let's try to make that a new internet meme guys. I think it's really catchy!)

RUMOUR! Guess what? If you watch this week's Code: Gears closely, you can catch a couple frames of boobs! Japanese are so ecchy! Hey, just remember that Joel Steinberg told you first!

FACT! I just found out that mega-popular KyotoAni's next series is going to be Lolicon Penix! Fingers crossed they can retain the same high standard of artwork as the comics!

R U A SHINOBI? Naruto second season has got a date, and that date is Feburary the 15th! This is so huge that they're making it a one-hour special! I can only hope that means half an hour of recaps, because I don't want to think I've missed anything out (as if, hah hah)!

DES NE! Rain got ya down? Don't worry, because it looks like spring is here! At least, that's according to the new season reviews over at heterosexual blogger. Jeeze, no need to shout about it (not that there's anything wrong that. Some of my best friends are).

MOE! I'm not too interested in this "manga" stuff (Fact: Manga is just like normal comics, except that it's published by Manga Entertainment) or that's to say, I wasn't, until I heard about famous pop singer April Lavigne getting her own series (and in full color unlike those other cheap books)! Well, call me a Sk8r Boye because this sounds awesome!

Phew! You wanna slow it down for next week guys? I don't know if I'll be able to keep this up if you continue like you do! And remember:

If you hear something sniffing about, it's probably just the bloghound on the prowl!



Anonymous Tallon said...

Im really hoping you made all those mistakes on purpose in an attempt at being funny....if not, =/

9:32 PM

Anonymous meganeshounen said...

My head hurts from all of that. )_(

11:56 PM


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