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Friday, March 16, 2007

Kenichi 11: (AKA "Aw man, but drawing is such hard work...")

*Previously on Kenichi, Kenichi dodged a blazing punch, with the powuh of GUTS AND TRAINING*

Okay look, I've said before that I love this series in spite of how by-the-books and cheap looking it is. But this is just pushing the limits. Does the whole fighting genre catch such a bum deal when it comes to animation? Not that I watch a slew of them, but Kekkaishi is the only one I can think of that looks consistantly decent.

This episode I had to sit through close to seven minutes of "previously on"—not including the opening credits—and they still managed to throw in some flashbacks to other episodes during the fight!

Previously on ASX, Crayotic posted a picture of Kenichi dodging a punch...

Not only that, right at the end someone must have spent the weekly budget on sake because they were forced to switch to character sillouettes when Miu started whipping everybody's collective asses. I say forced, because this is not the kind of show which makes an effort to get points in artistic merit, believe it!

Ah well, I still hope it runs for 800 episodes and a bunch of craptastic movies.

Previously on ASX, Crayotic posted a previously on ASX that was a picture of Kenichi dodging a punch...

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