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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Bloghound: Jan 27th buzz

Joel Steinberg is a weekly critic for no following publications as of yet Hey guys! Joel Steinberg here. Welcome to the first ever edition of The Bloghound, where no blog is left unturned for the hottest info this side of the sun. Amazing things have been happening and it's had my snout in overdrive this entire week (but don't worry, my bark is worse than my bite hah hah).

No time to waste now. Itadakiblog!

ITEM! Digicarrot has done a complete revamp of his website, Waffle Batter, and I have to say that it's even (Waffle) "batter" than before!

PEDOMANIA! bbq, who runs Lollytron has started a new contest called "SaiLolly" where kawaii little girls face off against each other to rule supreme. Why don't you go and help them out, but don't get hurt desu sugoii!

ITEM! Randy Fitzgerald (that's one crazy nickname! I don't even get it?!) has updated the ikiKONAMI calandar so it now shows kid's toys and porn. I don't know about you guys, but that's got nothing to do with the anime I know and love. Tsundere!

WOW! Studio ufochair blew me away with how they managed to turn anime upside down with the innovative Gakuen Utopia Manabi Hard Straight! That scene with the hoverscooter was just like in Back To The Past 2, but even better because that movie was dubbed with American language (LOL LAME)! Hey, how 'bout you stay in the past, Martin McFly!

DISAGREEMENT! But why people like Bobby "The Brain" Hinano don't like Manabi Hard Straight is crazy! T.H.I.S Animeblog even did a parody of it. Just because you're a beautiful young girl doesn't mean you have the right to criticize others, Miss Imps!

text breaker

Scandal! The ASX (that's short for The Anime Student Exchange) was accused of stealing column ideas from The Shallot parody website. Is that supposed to be a joke, because I'm not laughing!

KAKKOI! Are any of you watching Bleach: Hurricane Chronicles? I don't know who that new shinsengumi who turned up looking like the Fonz' is, but if this storyline is half as good as the Bounty Bar one, I'll be "bleach"ing my pants from all the excitement!

INSANE! Over at Makanaidesu No Way Yo! they've started a review section just for ahoges. That's one crazy otaku! Mad props (or should I say, mad hair? lol)!

MCCLOUD! After a decade of petitioning, they've finally decided to make anime based on The Highlander movies! Well it's about time! I guess this this franchise really is... immortal? (little known fact: the people in the movie are immortal, too)

SCOOP! My insider sources tell me that The Melancholy Of Haruhi JP Meyers has been licenced and it'll all be announced very soon! If this does come true, just remember that Joel Steinberg told you first!

GYPSYED! has a trailer up for Ichigo Kurusaki OVA. I watched the whole thing and I didn't see any hollows or deathgods anywhere!

Phew! That's it for one week, but don't worry because I'll be back! And remember, kids: if you hear something sniffing about, it's probably the bloghound on the prowl!



Anonymous lolikitsune said...

What can I say? That you're the super, #1 Hyperactive blogger? Well, there are some FYGs who surpass you I guess, but in this sphere? Os only gets like that when discussing shoujo.

6:15 AM

Anonymous DiGiKerot said...

Wooo! I got the first link in the first entry in the serious for something largely pointless! TAKE THAT intelligent and sophistimicated blogging!

12:43 PM


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