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Friday, January 19, 2007

STOCK REPORT: Kanon Redux 15

Proving that ASX is on the cutting edge of anime blogging, we proudly bring you a report on Kanon 15 a mere week after it's fansubbing.

Suicide with bunny ears is sad, yet refreshingly moe at the same time.

With Black Lagoon delisted from the index it's been a bleak time for our stock analysts, but thankfully the remake of Kanon (aka Yuichi & Hos Inc.) is there as an active replacement at the top tier of the stock market charts.

In a risky move last Saturday, Kanon² took a departure from putting up wallpaper and watching people eat food and surprised everyone by stealing CGI from The Melancholy Of Harriet Susan-Meyers.

Perhaps due to the change in weekly format, the company's CEO wound up carrying a lot of the burden while fending off accusations from the press. It was a move that ultimately paid off, however, as KANO2 saw a steady two and a quarter rise by week's end.

However, we are saddened to report that Yuichi was violently assaulted outside Kanon's main offices on Friday night. He is in stable condition as of writing, and Akiko is said to be bringing him special jam that will help cure the injuries. No hospital staff could verify this for us, though, claiming that they all suddenly had to be somewhere else.

Go for it Yuichi, noone will know!


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