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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rozen Maiden on DVDesu, where's the love?

8 out of 10 bloggers still resent the fact that she beat some jobber I don't care about in the finals of Saimoe 2006

So apparently Rozen Maiden has been licensed by Geneon. I discovered this purely by chance after going to ANN to find out more details on these homoerotic Genshiken OVAs (in a good way).

I then went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water; came back upstairs and proceeded to do a spit-take all over my monitor as a reaction to how awesome this is.

After that I scratched my head and wondered exactly why it is I'm getting my info from ANN anyway? Surely my faithful blogging chums would have spread the word already, and said some stuff about how ball-shatteringly great/suckx0rZ Suiseiseki is? Well, apparently not because you're all a bunch of fat lazy slobs who can only muster the energy to deliver succint information to my doorstep when it pertains to photos of anime figurines with foreskins pulled over their heads.

Anime-nano? More like Anime-you'llgetnaNOFUCKINGTHANKSFROMME! Dot com you sloth-like whores.

So anyway I'm pretty excited that I can finally get me some hawt flowery hamburger action on DVD, wheeeee! \o/

P.S. Millions of people have implored that I return to updating the ASX (the proper way; not with this tat). Well, they'll be pleased to know that I opened up notepad and started on a stock report, right this morning! I gave up after 5 minutes, but that's besides the point. When I get my juice back I'll be unstoppable again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a few posts about it, actually. Maybe you're right and we are bitter for Fate-chan's tragic loss. *shrug* I just don't often post licensing announcements.

10:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geneon used a forum-based hype campaign where they invited people to guess what their new license was; I imagine most animenano bloggers didn't want to work as unpaid volunteeers for Geneon marketing. -Galen

10:30 AM

Anonymous DiGiKerot said...

I mentioned it, but I'm so ghetto no-one would notice ^^;

12:52 PM

Blogger Crayotic Rockwell said...

Yeah, actually I used the search function on nano and got just one hit back from otakuism.. so if I missed out on anyone, I blame Hung and not my Fox News-like research on the matter :)

1:00 PM

Anonymous Hazel said...

Yay, you're back! (No, don't remind me of the foreskin photo it was soooo grosse!)

10:26 AM


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