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Monday, November 13, 2006

Quick Impressions: Hitman Reborn, Kenichi, Ghost Hunt

So noone really cares about these shows from the looks of things, eh? Then again, I have been largely absent lately...

ETA till pants come off: T-10 seconds

Name: Hitman Reborn. It probably has an exclamation mark or a "Z" in it's title somewhere as well, I can't remember.

Summary: Basically, it's about a baby hitman with a chameleon/iguana (any lizard nerds feel free to clarify this) that turns into a gun. This gun shoots death bullets or some crap, which then makes the person uber-awesome. And their pants tear off like the hulk. The baby has to tutor some japanese kid to stop being a pussy because he's the 10th generation head of the mafia.

Impressions: Not really as amusing as the gimmick would have you think. The death Bullet thing felt as though it was wearing out it's welcome on the second shot as well. Only one episode watched, but I can't see it getting better.

It looks cheap as hell, but this is one of the most awesome OPs this season

Name: Ghost Hunt

Summary: They hunt ghosts.. well, allegedly.

Impressions: The OP's music is great.. kinda reminds me of the opening credits score to the Spiderman movie. I appreciate that they got right down to it from the first episode, but after two episodes (of at least a three parter) I really know jack shit about what I'm watching. I don't even know if there's going to be ghosts in this motherfucker. A pretty crap introduction, and I'm sure the 2nd ep was just them going "what's going on??" for 22 minutes. Still, it could be decent show. Might also be rubbish. They haven't given us enough to go on yet.

The lead chick in Kenichi is a hot meganeko Cammy

Name: Kenichi. It has a big ass name in baka-update's listings.. something about fighting win and burning passion maybe.

Summary: Hmm, think Sumomomomo without the sex comedy setup and bad cgi, and put more focus on fighting. Seems pretty similar. Oh there's huge boobs in it, too.

Impressions: Y'know, at first glance it looks pretty shit.. and on paper it sounds kinda shit. In fact, it probably will be nothing but a B-grade fighting show, but when you consider that Naruto and Bleach is stuck in loser territory right now, this feels like just what the doctor ordered.

I could be completely wrong, but it looks like it'll be an honest weak guy gets stronger to defeat big mean guys in a simple setting. And I don't think I've seen something like that for a while (without mahou/mecha/etc). Also it's not overly serious, so doesn't fall into the trap of having nothing but wank to pad out the stuff between the fights.


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