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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mahou Sensei Negima! Fap OVA

The MSN Spring OVA made me do the above.

Finally, we get a version of Akamatsu's work worthy for my eyes. This entry had great animation, some service, some "aww so sweet" *sniff* moments, and most importantly: it was actually entertaining and fun—unlike the depressing, where-the-hell-is-everyone, this-must-be-the-most-desolute-school-on-earth TV version redux.

It retains the quirky (and decent students of film might say 'illogical', in terms of setting tone) PPD'esque direction/animetography that I've griped about regarding Negima!?, but unlike our weekly series it was delivered with a respectable touch, giving the OVA a sense of uniqueness but also not overpowering it at the same time.

I still prefer some of the voices in the original MSN anime, but what can you do, eh. That was a piece of trash, and pining for it should cause boils to fester on my nipples for several years.

Next time the people of ASX demand more Kuu Fei and more Kaede!

There's a second OVA due for release isn't there? If so, consider me awaiting that a a gajillion time more eagerly than Negima!? ep5.

Also, I'm wondering.. considering this OVA was clearly apart from the alternate tv series cash cow, could this mean the possibility of getting the Mahora Festival and other notable manga chapters in OVA form? Hopefully it makes assloads of money and that's what they decide to do (even though this was mainly a bunch of short vignette's skits tied together, we can at least hope that they'd pull off the larger stories with the same work ethic).


Anonymous kacpy said...

From what I remember those 2 standalones were made for some conventions screenings before SHAFT moved onto Negima!?. I don't think there's going to be more, but who knows...

5:37 PM


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