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Monday, July 24, 2006

Even in sickness, a weekly update is inevitable

ASX Index for July 24th

A Word From Some Jabroni
I wish I could tell you that this week is the most hilarious and bodacious stock exchange report you'd have read. But that would be a huge lie.

I've been sick for most of the week, so not only has this meant only the most simple efforts to get this post up and running, it also means that I've watched far fewer shows than I normally would have (although my bandwidth is owned so I'm not even sure how true this is).

Anyway, enough dilly dalying. I gotta blow my sinuses clear across the room.

Crayotic Rockwell

The Week In Recap


Is that character development I smell? Holy crap, it is! Air Gear rocked the nation with this break from tradition, as Ikki's team with the big freakin name won their first Parts War battle.

Including the aforementioned development, AIRG saw a small bump in price with other contributing factors being fanservice, a broad who looks like Kuukaku cross bred with Yoruichi, and more Agito/Akito than you can shake a stick at.

AIRG screen
Everyone was happy to a 1/2 gain for AIRG.


"BEECKYYY!! H-Hey, Himeko!" Pani Poni Dash! nostalga via hot seiyuu-swapping action and Marvel comic references couldn't save BLDP from dropping in the exchange, after what was largely 5 minutes worth of events happening in a 22 minute pocket. Investors expect it to pick up in the following weeks.

What's with this "stealing Riku's face" shit? Does he hold personal copyright on that hairstyle or something?

BLDP screen
BLDP cracked under the pressure and dropped 1/2 this week.


Those who thought Coyote Ragtime may have shot it's animation wad in the first episode came out surprised when their sophmore week delivered another strong bout of BEEG ACTIONZ.

It was an entertaining show leading to a solid rise, but they broke a cardinal rule of the ASX: "Don't sell when noone's buying." Many companies make the mistake of getting too emo too soon, and Coyote Ragtime was no exception, giving us many moments of wrought melodrama before any consumers have had a chance to properly bond with the characters.


  • I thought the OP would be a little more impressive than it was. It does make me feel as though we'll be treated to some non-action centric episodes though. Don't let a brotherman down!

  • Favourite sister so far? The Grenaloli! (AKA "October" AKA "The Wobbly Loli") I think it's the hat.

  • Episode was really cram packed.. perhaps a little too busy actually. However, it did help to take the sting from the premature emo-ulation. So consider it a tie.

  • They need to have three claymation EDs. One for the Coyotes. Another for Angelina and Titz. And another for the 12 merchandise killers. Agreed?

  • Me likey Angelina's lip flaps. "She got DSLs." - Apathy

  • Monkey bartender? BEST SHOW EVAH MADE!~

  • RAGT screen
    RAGT far from held the exchange to gunpoint, but it did make a nice 1 1/2 point gain.


    Stocks dropped on Thursday for the alleged killerloli corporation. While it was pleasing to see the timelines vaguely connected together, the overall product is suffering from a loss of direction and tone as the fiscal year continues. Analysts expect these issues to lift as answers are more forthcoming, but for now investors can expect a bumpy ride.

    HIGU screen
    HIGU took a 1 point fall down the proverbial stairs of blehg.


    Quentin Tarantino got a taste of his own medicine this week when Japan ripped him for a change. While MUSHI stock held strong, some were bemused with Mushishi's production this week.

    One investor who wishes to remain anonymous said:

    "This is set around the Edo period, right? We got people livin' in wooden huts and wearing straw hats... and bitch got herself a layered rack of hair! Japan got themselves some wicked stylists back in the 1800's no doubt kid!"

    MUSHI screen
    Mushishi doesn't just do MILFs, it does Lolis too.


    Another week, and already another rival has joined the cast in the fight against the shark-like Miki. MTEKI saw positive gains coming off a solid outlay of comedy with a number of abstract—but well appreciated—visual gags (eg. the recycle bin to represent Kankuro's memories, or the dueling trains complete with sweatdrops), much like Ouran Highschool Host Club utelized back in it's heyday.

    Sources close to Dai Mahou Touge have said that Punie-chan is absolutely livid over another anime character using submissions during the Summer season, and is considering payback by delivering noodles in her third OVA.

    MTEKI screen
    Despite taking a beating from various bloggers, MTEKI was one of the biggest earner this week.


    There are two things that the Ouran Highschool Host Club does exceptionally well. One being comedy, that had always been a strong force in the series, but the other had been noticably abscent of recent. All that changed when OURAN pulled out of it's stock dive and returned to making gay entertainment acceptable for fat yaoi fangirls straight men all the family.


  • Beware Hikaru's penix! (and twin meidos? We don't blame you)

  • How great a fairytale would Ouran make if it was like this and not that weak Alice In Wonderland parody?

  • OURAN screen
    Mo gayness lit a fire beneath OURAN's flailing stock prices.


    Feeling the sting from Barasuishou's unimpressive debut, Rozen Maiden Traumend surprised everyone by placing Suigintou—long thought to have been retired in Florida—back on the board of directors. Some saw it as an about face for the company, but most applauded it as an cheap merchandising tactic a smart business decision.

    It's unknown as to what capacity Suigintou and her deranged medium have signed on for, but it is to be believed that she will be taking a salary cut along with reduced duties from previous.


  • No Suiseiseki this week? Booo.

  • Jesus Shinku, just fap each other off already!

  • RZNT screen
    Suigintou returned to 1/4 rise in RZNT shares.


    Doing nothing but writing spooky text on a wall for half the week may be one way to cut costs, but it's also another way to make people go to sleep. xxxHOLiC delivered a strong finish, but it was unable to make up for the other 21 minutes investors lost on it.

    No wonder Yuuko's always laying down. Those cow udders are ridiculous!

    XHOLC screen
    More spookiness like this may have saved XHOLC from a 1/4 drop.


    Analysts like where it's heading, but not without concern. Read the latest ASX feature, Crayotic Knows Everything: Zero no Tsukaima for more indepth coverage.

    ZEKAI screen
    A 2 point gain for ZEKAI proved that bondage is rad.


    Blogger Mohammad said...

    I wonder if Madam Marciano really did kill those guild members during the meeting. They never actually show you what happened.

    Megu singing at the end of episode 6 of Traumend; One word: Enchanting.

    1:34 AM

    Blogger Crayotic Rockwell said...

    Oh agreed (she's still one seriously loopy bitch tho).

    Good point about the whole Coup te da in Ragtime.. I had actually kinda forgotten how that bugged me. That episode probably could have been spread out over two, come to think of it.

    Would have given Mister and Franca some breathing space as well.

    1:44 AM

    Anonymous extraclassiclite said...

    Having a medium takes away Suigintou's badass 'my magic works 'cause I'm crazy, not because I'm married to a headcase' factor (and seriously, have any of the mediums been sane? I'm sure Tomoe is secretly a murderer or magical girl or something... red eyes and carries that sword everywhere, it seems like.)

    But it beats the hell out of 'no Suigintou.'

    9:55 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    aww that guyz cute!

    10:25 AM


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