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Monday, July 10, 2006

Hidden Secrets Of The ASX...

It's recently come to my attention that not everyone is making the most of this glorious website. Obviously you want to get to my juicy text as soon as possible—and this I respect—but to not savour everything I have to offer? Well, it's like getting a black forest gâteau, eating the cherry, and tossing the rest in the bin to go eat some Cheetos.

So let's get this all sorted once and for all, so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time every week on this blog (oh pity my melancholy ways).

The secrets are not hidden inside the melon-pan Shana-tan!

1) The News Ticker. Located at the top of the page is a little scrolling box full of text that quickly shows all the latest stock prices. You may think this is just a visual piece of fluff, and you'd be largely right, but it also has a links to interesting news items that will appeal to you (me).

Most of you will have seen them already, since I just steal them from other blogs and ANN (I'm not reading real news reports), but for those who are tardy by nature (and by tardy I mean "late", not 'tardy which is politically incorrect to mentals) and don't keep up the latest offerings, or those who are awesome by nature and only subscribe to my blog, then this weekly round up of news items may be of help to you.

2) Screencaps. Now by no means are all my caps comedy gold (some of them are just regular caps of course), but if you do go to the bother of clicking on the links you may find a nice photoshopped surprise every now and then.. at least if you share the same sense of humour as me (think, lame). If you don't read the site with a webbrowser that caches the page, this may be troublesome though.

3. The Ol Acronym Tag. If you find a word dotted underneath like the following piece of text, you can hold your mouse over it and it'll give you some extra text. Sometimes it's for definitions, sometimes it's for just extra snide comments, but whatever the usage, think of it like a pot of mystery treasure. What's inside it? Is it pirates booty, or is it a potato? You'll never know!

This post may sound like desperate clamboring, but y'know what? I needed an excuse to post this image in the midst of all the NHK talk.


NHK will hide your privates

That is NHK right? Ah who cares, I gotta get me one, coz that guy is so totally getting laid.


Anonymous Maestro4k said...

Just so you know the dotted text thing works the same in Firefox at least (no idea about earlier versions). :)

7:28 PM

Anonymous meo said...

well actually the dotted line also works on bon-echo 2.0a3
and as a matter of fact the only thing that I don't really use in what you offer is the ticking bar up top. XD
but overall I enjoy my weekly pleasure in watching/reading your blogs. keep it up! =P

3:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn thats hawt

3:37 PM

Blogger Mohammad said...

Now that was educational.

1:23 PM


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