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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Editorial: Tsundere, A Double Standard?


I've been out of action with hay-fever the last couple of days (and this is during mid-winter too. As Sarah Silverman would say: "What the cock is that shit?") so I haven't really been able to finish off any of the editorial drafts unfortunately (or perhaps for the better, when I consider them).

But a post over at animebento about Hot Gimmick's odd/undeserved popularity got me thinking. The male "lead" in this manga, Ryoki, who blackmails and abuses the girl he secretly has teh crush on; if this was a chixor he'd most likely be considered tsundere.

So the equivalent of a male tsundere is just "asshole?"

Don't get me wrong, I love me some tsundere, but that's one hell of a gender leeway we're giving to the girls right there. Does it explain why broads love Hot Gimmick (and also why they also tend to go out with pricks)?

Something to think about anyway.


Anonymous TL-chan said...

I've always liked male tsundere, actually. This could have to due with me being female, but I'm interested in that type of character.

5:58 PM

Anonymous Ten said...

Wouldn't be the male equivalent similar to some 'bad boy/rebel' type?

I dare say women like the notion of domesticating the 'bad boy'. I know I love 'em. Think Spike (from BtVS). ;p

Of course, there are instances where one goes to the 'asshole-ish' type, like HG's Ryoki. In defense to Ryoki, his personality seems to be derived from unhappiness. His defense is to lash out; the easiest target is the doormat next door. Not that I'd condone the behaviour. But there's a root cause of this attitude.

6:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think there is a difference. For one thing, the female tsundere rarely force the male they abuse to have sex with them.

7:08 PM


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