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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Crayotic Knows Everything: Zero no Tsukaima

Okay, so far I've watched two episodes of Zero no Tsukaima so I feel as though I'm a pretty top authority regarding it's future. And here's how I'm envisioning it to play out if they're smart: this series is to be an epic tale of one black man and how he finally breaks free from his white opressors. All in 26 injustice triumphing packed episodes of freedom.

ZEKAI screen
"Saito" ain't pickin' no cotton no mo!

That's it's only chance for success in this industry. If ZEKAI tries to work some weak angle about Saito's awesome runescape powers and saving the land from destruction whilst focusing on his budding slave/mas'a forbidden romance, that finally builds up to him having to make the choice between returning to Earth or staying here to clean Louise's pantsu it's going to fail and wind up purely mediocre. Oh, I'm willing to make book on that.

But if Zero no Tsukaima becomes the anime verion of Roots? Then it's money from here on out baby.

Heed my warnings Whoever-it-is-who-is-making-this-show-again, for my baseless predictions are truth!

ZEKAI screen
Expect many ignorant crackers to be overcome in the perfect version of ZEKAI.


Blogger J.Valdez said...

I don't know. I think if Roots had a magical loli in it, it would just change the whole dynamic of the plot...:)

7:09 AM

Anonymous teki said...

Good point! Now all Saito needs is for someone to become the Spike Lee of that world and capture his story on camera. Maybe he'll end up as Saito X - I just hope he's sure to Do the Right Thing.

8:43 PM


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