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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blog Spotlight! Tainted Blog

The Anime Stock Exchange is a too much awesome website, and hats off for you reading it. However, we realize that sometimes one may need to see other people when we're too busy to pleasure you. This where the Blog Spotlight feature comes in. We'll tell you what's hot out there (in an ASX fallback kinda way, mind) so you don't have to think.

Note: Those greedy fat cats over at Basugasubakuhatsu, Riuva, あいとゆうきのおとぎばなし, and the like are excluded from pickings. They're already livin' large, and don't need any added exposure to fund their torrid Jew-Baby Eating habits (especially tjhan, that dude is racial).

Indi blog scene baby, YEEAAAH RAWK!

Blog Spotlight!

Tainted Blog

Summary, Taken from Website:
A blog chock-full of frivolous commentaries and sequential art related stupidity. This blog is maintained by Ashley, a self-proclaimed humorist and all around ne'er-do-well.

The bullet points

Stuff which is like, really good:

+ Funny for a girl Funnier than most anime blogs out there.
+ Anyone who photoshops screencaps is awesome (example: me)
+ Simply reading her articles will fufill your quota of daily female interaction.
+ There are snakes on a blog.
+ She personally began the the new wave revival of FYG related posts with this rant.

Stuff which is like, not as good:

- Opinions mainly deal with episode recaps, so if she's blogging some crap series that is off your radar you might be lost.
- Not enough/any screencaps of hawt boobs (or even those of mediocre disposition).
- Front page is longer than watching Huo shao hong lian si capped off with Paul Thomas Anderson's extended cut of Magnolia.

Interview with Ashley

Q: I guess the first thing on everybody's minds is: "what is the best kind of spread out there?"

A: Butter. Not just any butter, mind you, but the kind that’s been scraped from the back of a county-fair pig who’s just had himself a nice buttermilk bath and a scholarly discussion on mortality with a spider.

Q: Why anime? Why not knitting, crochet, or smoking the pot like most young adults of today's future?

A: Well, I reached a point where I got sick of knitting tea cozies for all of my water bongs and Colt 45 bottles. I thought: “Hell, there are better and more productive ways to spend my time... like watching cartoons.”

Tainted Blog
Tainted Blog knows meat.

Q: What video games you been playing lately?

A: Ok this is going to get ugly, but my backlog thus far includes Zelda: Minish Cap, Genji: Dawn of the Samurai, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Final Fantasy X, Phantom Brave, Devil May Cry 1, and Shadow Hearts From the New World. I’ve only really been playing Shadow Hearts and Phantom Brave, everything else has either pissed me off in some way or I’ve reached a good stopping point or something like that.

Q: What do you make of Feng Shui?

A: I haven’t got all of the logistics worked out, but I’m going to try stacking a pile of random crap in the northwest corner of my room to see if money rains down from the sky. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to get a bunch of mirrors and get some good chi going up in here and then put some dirty clothes on my ceiling fan to see if that brings me success in all of my endeavors.

Tainted Blog
The answer is on the website, but it's not easy to find.

Q: Most interesting thing you did in the last 7 days...?

A: Interesting? Nothing really. The mundane and mediocre are more of my forte.

Q: Favourite series?

A: Hm, no particular show comes to mind. I suppose I can say Excel Saga. At times, Excel and co. are really grating and abrasive, and some of the running gags and jokes get really old. But honestly, when it’s on, it’s on. There was a whole episode devoted to a guy in ass-less chaps. That is quality programming, my friend.

Q: The other night I had a dream that I was dating Veronica Mars. Her ex-bf, Logan was bothering us so she stole all his clothes and we laughed. She then turned into an eggplant. How would you interpret this?

A: The character Veronica Mars is merely a projection of your own inquisitive nature and your desire to get in touch with your dormant, feminine side. The fact that you were acting out against her ex clearly shows how you long to break free from the cycle of oppression your own gender may subject you to. The eggplant illustrates how strongly you feel about the plight of starving third-world children. In short, you really shouldn’t do Window Pane and Mountain Dew after 6 PM.

Tainted Blog
An example of the kind of sophisticated humor to be found around The Taint.

Q: Any guilty pleasures?

A: The Gundam franchise has never really done it for me. It’s kind of a “same shit, different day” deal. But, I love G Gundam. It is touted as the worst iteration of the series, but it also happens to be the only one I can stomach. It’s hokey, over the top, and it has a Gundam shaped like a lumberjack.

I also like Love Hina. My grandma and I make a book-run every month or so-she buys her smutty novels and she buys me my smutty graphic novels (shut up, I turn 18 soon, I have to milk this first grandchild bit for all it’s worth before the umbilical cord is cruelly snipped). ANYWAY, I remember making her buy them for me, which always made for good times. I’d sheepishly hand her a book and walk away. Then, I’d occasionally glance back and be all “Look at that old lady buying comics with half-naked girls on the cover, ahaha .”

Finally, I love gangster rap. Sure, I enjoy the poetic stylings of Saul Williams and Aesop Rock, but it’s the “bitchez and ho’z” stupidity that holds a special place in my heart. One day I’m going to ride through the 9th Ward blasting N.W.A. and see how many times I get shot at. If I get over 10, I’m going to treat myself to a DQ Blizzard.

Ashley and all her photoshopped goodness can be found via this link. Be sure to let her know if you're single and available.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what the hell man.


6:50 PM

Blogger Hung said...

Awesome! It's always nice when blogs acknowledge other blogs as being, like, good. And photoshopped screencaps are win.

BTW, I'm living large? Since when? It's totally news to me. Why didn't my agent inform me? He's so fired.

9:26 PM

Anonymous Yuribou said...

Thanks for plugging that blog, I had no Idea of its greatness (though she seems to be on hiatus because of real life at the moment)

4:00 PM


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