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Monday, March 26, 2007

Ghost Hunt 23-24 (AKA: "Ghost Hunt is last season's dark horse")

I haven't got much time to write this; because my new Nintendo Wii beckons me, you'll have to excuse the lack of witticism and gay jokes, temporarily. Sorry.

I've just finished watching GH eps 22 and 23, and this new case kicks so much ass, it's as if it's ass-kicking foot has four other legs attached. And a Tong Po-like fist wrapped in glass shards.

Not only have they managed to consecutively up the stakes each time, leading to what looks to be a perfect climax for the series, Naru is incapacitated allowing Bou-san to take center stage and be all manly, telling these dumb broads to make him some protections charms and a hot plate of waffles for after he's done "solving this motherfucka."

If they make a second season, they should ditch the bishi-tsunderes and go 110% GAR.

As an aside, Mai is a little slow on the uptake. I woulda blackjacked those kids over their melons and locked them in a dark trunk the second I saw them.

Lacking an intelligent segue-way, I'll say that I didn't really think a whole lot of Ghost Hunt when I first watched it... in fact, the first case they did was overly drawn out and rather dull. But my patience actually appeared to pay off pretty damn well in this case (say, unlike with D.Gray-Man) and I was rewarded with much goodliness. Yay me.

Anyway, look forward to next episode where Mai realizes how awesome Bou-san is and gives him a blowjob.

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