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Friday, October 06, 2006

Stock Report: Air Gear blew

AIRG was a face-full of ass. But not the good kind that gives you a nosebleed before being punched by your tsundereko friend.

I think we all knew that Air Gear was a pretty terrible show when we watched it—even those who enjoyed it. But few could imagine just how low it was willing to sink into a quagmire of tat, as eventually proven with Ikki riding a motorcycle over a shark, while digital photos of Kyoto the producer snapped on his holiday whizzed by.

What a bunch of shit.

And if that was supposed to be some kind of open-ended cliffhanger to make people eager for a 2nd series or OVA, then Toei is seriously overestimating their fanbase.

Hang on, let me just check with Cloud from FFVII the demand for those Tenjou Tenge OVAs.

Cloud: "..... .. ..."

Because tits Ringo cosplayers are more worthwhile than this series.

Yupp, that about sums it up. Air Gear was an alright show to pad the week out, and watch without having to put much effort into it, but they should be drawn and quartered for that endgame. As far as Kyoto Arcs go, this must be the worst. It certainly beats out Xebec's attempt in Negima by a long shot, anyway.

Oh, and extra credit must be given to Ringo; who awes us with the sheer fact that we didn't realize you could be such a hot meganeko, yet also be so completely goddammed BORING at the same time. Hats off.

-6 (DELIST AT 28.00)

Moe to dull ratio = OFF THE CHART


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK u Hated Air gear i bleve u should be better ro an inch of ur life i ahte u for hating AG

Air Gear anime was ok but Air Gear manga was ownage
Air Gear is GOD

10:18 PM

Blogger Crayotic Rockwell said...

Okay, I was all ready to type up a witty response to that, but honestly "LOL" pretty much sums up anything I'm thinking right now.

I enjoy the manga, but not so much that I'd let a dyslexic monkey loose on my keyboard to take dictation while venting my rage over a blogger's dislike for it's anime counterpart.

Please hire a monkey with advanced hand-eye coordination in the future, thank you.

12:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Air Gear anime is shit
Air Gear manga is... I dunno how to describe it. It's just good.

11:24 PM

Anonymous Arrancar said...

Okay folks. This is coming from one of the Air Gear scanlation group cleaners. I'm genuine, even find my post on our Air Gear subforum, but no I am not gonna link you. I agree with the review saying THE ANIME SUCKED ASS. They dumbed down ringo, dumbed down the plot and went over 3/4 of a volume every other episode. Toei's transition from manga to anime is sickening. I've said this on the forum as well. The anime made me shit myself.

3:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont watch Air Gear, Read it.

6:22 PM

Blogger Joey said...

Personally, I have never read Air Gear, but I did watch the anime. I loved it. After watching it, I got really interested in reading the manga, and seeing how you guys seem to agree that the anime is crap compared to the manga, I just want to read it all the more. Looks like I need to go order them.

12:32 AM

Blogger muddgutts said...

I think its safe to say like others above me. That the Anime is not a good translation of the manga. Oh!Great is a kick ass artist and the story has a lot more depth to it. I reccomend reading the comic.

5:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well as a guy from a place where anime isnt so known air gear is pretty good from all the eps iv seen which is the frist 3 lol.i cant really say a lot because iv only read a few manga but i want to get some because the manga for airgear sounds great

6:03 AM

Blogger Drawing said...

The anime was OK, that's it. Just OK. Much like Oh! Great's other series Tenjou Tenge, you get more bang for your buck if you read the manga instead. I credit this sereies for getting me into reading the manga, otherwise it's good for what it is, but you'll find yourself still reading over the first chapter of the manga because there is so much that's different and/or that they left out in the anime I don't even know why they bothered.

7:00 PM


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