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Friday, September 29, 2006

Stock Report: OURAN delists

Free-falling in anime is the new black

You could break Ouran into three parts. The surprisingly funny beginning, the plodding middle, and the emo-fest finish. Most parties are in agreement regarding the two former, but I suspect there'll be a bit of contention over the third section of this series, as people were wondering where all the monkeys had dissapeared to.

But as with all heated debates, the only definitive answer is what a Crayotic Rockwell of Much Manlyville, NZ thought of it. And I actually really liked all that stuff at the end (yes even the Hikaru/Kaoru OMG WE R SUCH LONE REBELS angle). Of course I missed the chimps like everyone else, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to welling up my eyes when Haruhi was in the carriage like "that's my way of the host dattebayo!" all up in this bitch.

Inner Crayotic Mind Theatre: This picture FTW

There's no way I would have said this before—even during the golden episodes—but I could really get into the idea of an Ouran movie or OVA at this point. I have no idea how it'd work, but the Host Club is practically special ops when all their talents are combined.

Perhaps moreso the A-Team. Kyouya is Hannibal of course. Shakugan no Shana movie? Pfft, give me Ouran on the silver screen!

Looking at the season as a whole however, it's hard to really call the series an out and out winner with the amount of lackadaisical episodes it did manage to pepper through it's midseason, so it looks like Ouran is cashing out a few points down.

-3¼ ($44.25)

Will 'Pumpkin Scissors' be something like this? Perhaps!


Blogger J.Valdez said...

If they decided to do a movie, I think it would be better if they took a serious angle. I'd want something with a totally different feel.

11:24 AM


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