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Monday, August 28, 2006

Ergo and Ouran fail, but Zero no Boobs surprises

ASX Index for August 28th

A Word From Some Jabroni
Pretty exciting week on the index again.. although mostly in the shape of huge drops for series as that lightbulb in my head exploded and told me to grab my ass because this series is stuck in major turbulence.

But the silver lining to that is that it also meant I could do some pretty bare-bones recaps, which is win for me anyway.

And on that subject, posts may become even more sporadic than usual (like a week between isn't enough) because I want to get back into learning 3D graphics for a bit, and I'm a horrible multi-tasker.

So enjoy this weeks recap, and I'll try not to dissapear off the face of the earth.

Crayotic Rockwell

The Week In Recap


Sans Akira's backstory of wank, Air Gear had a decent—if not particularly spectacular—end to the week. The hostile takeover by Beheamoth Corp. was thwarted, Agito got a thermometer up his ass, and police were assaulted by hostile fingers.

There are many unanswered questions after this Saturday, but the most pressing concern by industry pundits is not where the story goes from here, but whether or not Akito remains hard gay for Ikki.

AIRG screen
AIRG took the blows, but managed to counter with a 1/4 rise.


What the hell is going wrong here? You've got the biggest and raddest ensemble of badasses since Black Lagoon (I'm talking about Marciano's 12 sisters, not those washed up pussies on that piece of junk ship) and you make use of their talents in fucking space battles, are you kidding me? Coyote Ragtime, you fail life.

RAGT screen
RAGT took a gut shot of 3 points as investors grow weary of the space stock.


The president of Ergo Proxy was faced with an ultimatum this Wednesday: A) Step up your game or B) Suck ass. It's clear from episode 16 that they chose the option more closely associated to syphoning oil from a man's colon.

The following product seen in episode 17 had much tighter quality control restrictions placed on it it seems, but unfortunately the damage had already been done. Ergo Proxy continues to hang in there by a thread.

EPROX screen
It was no laughing matter as EPROX took a mammoth 6 point hit this week.


The killerloli conglomorate had an AWESOME week after Wednesday sent everyone into a flying rage of unbridled justice. Even the docile Rika-chan got in on the action, causing one homeless man on a parkbench to state for the record:

Bitches done gone crazy!

Many investors agreed with this no-nonsense assertation of the company, and as a result caused stocks—which many expected to drop by several points this week—to slightly rise from their previous numbers.

When asked for her opinion of trader's reactions, Rika-chan was quoted as saying: "Nii-blaghngfgfd *hak hak*"

HIGU screen
HIGU rose a further 1/4 point thanks to Shion's awesomeness this week.


Analysts wondered Where was all the genki and vigor that Muteki was known for was this Tuesday. While it's beginning was solid, by the end CEOs could do nothing but watch MTEKI's floor price drop while everyone else impatiently waited for an 11 minute punchline to drop.

MTEKI screen
Investors took it on the nose as MTEKI dropped a half point this week.


Ouran Host Club delivered many more laughs than expected this Tuesday evening, but no amount of monkeys could save the company from consumer's building apathy towards the weekly product.


  • If there's one good thing Tsuyokiss did, is that it taught us that daikon is also another term for a bad actor.

  • Points off for not letting Haruhi do some bad singing like Mikuru-run. Huge opportunity missed.

  • OURAN screen
    OURAN was hit and run by a 4 point drop; the second largest loss on the exchange this week.


    While the content this week was fairly good, it couldn't shake the feeling that Tuesday's show was seven minutes filling stretched out to twenty. There is also some serious concern that Misaki is coming off more detestable than the creator's intent, which could even wind up being be a deal finisher for the series if it got out of control.


  • Try out copernicus' technique. It garauntees results! XD

  • NHK screen
    You won't beat Nagato if you only use one finger!


    This Monday's product had so much fluffery going on that it put the supporting no-name porn actresses in Housten's 600 man gangbang shoot to shame. But judging by the trading taking place, it was fluff that entertained consumers.

    Not only was their ample doses of Yuuko FTW® (in her best outfit eeeverr), there was also cameos from plenty of other fan favourites (and other less as adored. Hurry up and die already Himawari) which helped keep the episode rolling along.


  • What's up with Watanuki hitting on Himawari in front of the vestal spirit? What a cad!

  • I love this new ED. It's the only one I actually sit through on a weekly basis. I dunno if it's the air guitar or music, but it's rad.

  • Shiro Mokona ruled. Was just like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but with ears.

  • XHOLC screen
    The effects on Watanuki's glasses blew out all of xxxHoLIC's budget for the year.


    It took some time, but Zero No Tsukaima has started to show promise after what could only be called a Several deadly episodes of Zzzzz. Analysts still have doubts concerning the immediate secondary cast, but as long as Saito is fighting racial predjudice and macking hos the future looks bright for mahou shareholders.

    ZEKAI screen
    Zero Louise was shocked to see ZEKAI and Saito's pants get a 3 point gain this week.


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