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Monday, August 07, 2006

The exchange catches the flu and stocks fall ill

ASX Index for August 7th

A Word From Some Jabroni
Haha, I'm sick again! Goddamit I thought I shook it. Ah well.

We back with another stock update, and I'll keep it short because I'm sweating like fat chicks charged on crimes against cupcakes.

Oh yeah, there's very little photoshops this week.. I dunno why. I guess I've just exhausted my comedy archives, gomen!

I discovered this week that the grenaloli in Coyote Ragtime is actually August and not October. This is due to the fact that I'm retarded and can't count months correctly unless I use the "Month Song" that you learn in primary school. Kinda dissapointiong since October is a much cooler name. Even more dissapointing that none of you readers pointed this out for me and left me looking stupid/er.

I also see that the Death Note anime is slated for October or something... now I'm stuck with the condundrum: do I a) stop reading the US licenced manga, and pick it up back after the anime, or b) do I somehow keep the anime aside to watch once I've gone through the manga at the slow pace it's released? or c) do I go grab the scanlations like a whore so I can be up-to-date when it airs?

I'm 5 volumes in so far.. what to do what to do...

Crayotic Rockwell

The Week In Recap


Small gains for Air Gear which actually delivered some focused storyline and got points for not taking the easy road with Ikki verus a bunch of AT powered crips (but still, what the cock is this shit?). The AT powered company remains one of the most perilous securities on the index, but analysts hope it doesn't press it's luck.


  • That's how they became Sleeping Forest? Talk about unimpressive.

  • The best punchline in this series so far may have been dropped by a long-haired daschund, that ain't right.

  • In the manga and anime, I just don't know why people make a big fuss over Ikki becoming Sky King when he's clearly crap.

  • What's that cliffhanger? Is this a best out of 3? I thought Ikki got his ass handed to him and we could stop watching this show?

  • AIRG screen
    A 1/4 rise brought tears to the eyes nervously invested in AIRG stocks.

    BLOOD+ 37

    Investors got the impression they were supposed to be more impressed with this week's offering from Blood+ than they were. Some would say that BLDP is overvalued and each episode is slowly driving home this fact.

    Kai's girlfriend is the best and most underrated character on this show, and her short appearances in this episode (along with crack fiend Becky-sensei) did manage to soften the blow to the stock, luckily. Speaking of that, is she actually still interested in Kai? She seems more interested in tormenting reporter-san now.

    BLDP screen
    BLDP fell asleep and fell 3/4 of a point on the exchange.


    News that Mister may be pulling off a big score instead of just retreiving some buried treasure on a planet that looks a hell of a lot like Australia proved positive for Coyote Ragtime this Monday, as did the possibility of Bruce still being alive and sailing the cosmic seas like Johnny Depp (we're not entirely sure if the bit at the end was flashback or omgplottwist yet, because it felt kinda like both).

    But unluckily for RAGT stock, a biting piece of investigative journalism made later in the week blew away the confidence that was built from this episode, as certain issues within company policy became more apparent. Investors hedged their bets as RAGT wound up with a small drop.


  • orz!

  • RAGT screen
    Bruce may be RAGT's saving grace, but that didn't stop them from taking a 1/2 point hit.

    GUN X SWORD 24

    It took analysts a while to bother updating this security's information, but investors were glad that they did. Finally they were given some very neccessary payoff on Friday, with the Ray wiping the smug look off the Claw Man's face, and Fasarina getting the Asuka-lite treatment from Vulcan's gattling cannon (the public apologizes; Fasarina looks very lovely, but the fact remains that she is what some might call an "annoying slut faced whore").

    Extra brownie points were received for several main character's meeting their end this episode, but the uncertainty that they'll remain dead and buried kept investors from putting too much stock into it.

    GXS screen
    Ray was the driving force between GXS's half point rise.


    At first glance it seemed like there was an abundance of progression this Tuesday with Higurashi, but by the end of the episode it felt very much like they just put pictures to a story we'd already heard several times over. Still, it did give us a bunch of waterworks and some nasty torture, which managed to keep itself in the green.

    HIGU screen
    Shion saved HIGU from a negative week by apologising for all past wrong doings with some good ol' torture.


    Some wonder if the creator of Mushishi has issues to deal with, when considering their creepy stance on child delivery. A bamboo shoot is one thing, but birthing this is a whole other thing. Investors were generally pleased with the product, although there was rumblings that this overtly unsettling tone may be more suited to a company like xxxHOLiC than Mushishi, when given the past body of work.

    MUSHI screen
    MUSHI climbed a further 1/2 point, but there some who expected a bigger rise.


    Investors wondered if this is the true strength of MTEKI stock as Muteki Kanban Musume got hit with a case of deja vu—except this time with a gnarly looking dog—only in the beginning of it's third week. It fared better in the second half with some Power Rangers schtick, but unfortunately the twist at the end was as easy to see as their plot mechanisms.

    CEO of Muteki Kanban Industries promises that extensive research is being into new and improved episodic punchlines, but for now investors seem edgy.

    MTEKI screen
    MTEKI fought through fire and brimstone, but still managed to get a 1/4 bite taken out of it.


    Analysts and investors alike wondered exactly what happened this Tuesday in Ouran High School Host Club. The answer returned was: "not a hell of a lot." Just a very dull product put out, with little merit available to those who aren't Kyouya-sempai/Hot gimmick fangirls or Tj Han.

    OURAN screen
    OURAN had the output quality of a mass production line this week and produced a 3/4 drop in stock.


    Monday was largely exposition and bishi service for FYGs, but the anouncement of some major developments regarding The Alice Game got investors worked up and willing to roll the dice that the future for RZNT will be bright and shining.


  • Funny how Souseiseki ("dumb face"), the most level headed and androgynous looking of all the rozen dolls has completely marked out and bought into this Alice game bunk.

  • If that's their Father, surely he could find a better place to shack up than in New Orleans.

  • Talk about a deredere love fest for Suiseiseki this week. Screengrabs, transform!

  • RZNT screen
    Suiseiseki is great. Just like RZNT shares.


    Investors were happy with NHK as the company toned down the melancholy and lightened the show with some eroge goodness this week. And while toned down, there was still several lolicon nods tossed in there so even the most hardcore fans had little to gripe about, this time.


  • What's up with the OP? Am I the only one that feels like this is cabana music?

  • NHK screen
    The beginning steps towards a galge explained NHK's sudden price rise.

    XXXHOLIC 14 & 15

    Some really great stuff was introduced this week. Mokona playing-cards (who wouldn't want a deck of those?), a new ED with air guitars, and Yuuko with a pretty nifty butterfly getup. Unfortunately the bulk of the xxxHOLiC's content wasn't up to scratch, as they delivered one of the least fetishtastic tales involving twin sisters on Wednesday.

    As a whole, the story was pretty good had it been fit into one episode. But two episodes was pressing it's luck, and episode 14 was one of the most boring setups to a 2-parter investors had seen in a while.

    XHOLC screen
    XHOLC got tied up and couldn't escape the web of blah this week.


    Despite a harem of minimum effort generic characters and annoying Star Wars'esque wipes that fuck up the mood of the series, ZEKAI was looking to come out ahead in it's second half. That was, until the talking sword turned up.

    Analysts had almost bought into viewing this as a seperate entity from Shakugan no Shana as some bloggers would have the public believe, but this straw blew all their hard work away in one foul swoop and left investors with a security that suddenly felt a lot cheaper than before.

    ZEKAI screen
    It will take more than magic to regain ZEKAI's credability after this week.


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    Claw man’s face after what Ray did: PRICELESS!

    Maybe planet Earth is now called Graceland in Coyote Ragtime Show?! It seems the show is now slated for 12 episodes.

    Traumend: There are things money can’t buy like Suiseseki. For everything else, use MasterCard!

    3:52 AM

    Anonymous Lupus said...

    Oh, if only we had half as much green around Uluru as Graceland's rock does.

    And I'm calling it Uluru because I'm totally politically correct.

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