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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jan 22: Filler, but you watch anyway

Sorry about making my awesome fans wait but I have shit all to report on and new years nearly killed me. You know how they say the only way to stop a hangover is to keep drinking, well I gave that a shot. Now that ive regained eyesight and 2% liver function, ill just post some eye candy for shit all and blah. You see, my motivation has gone. Ill do a post next week when I have some thing to watch etc... oh by the way, I dished out 8k to go to Oktoberfest in Germany this year, WHAT the FUCK, I guess ill see you there, any way the ASX isn't about me, its about action and tits with an intense and hard assed approach to what ever mood I wake up in, or what ever sensei says. Ether is good. So lets keep it that way.

"Looks promising".

ooh did I mention I accidently a whole GTIS SAC 1 and 2, Code Geass 1 and 2 and Monster in a week? I started the whiskey after I finished geass again, I never realized but its shit to marathon, it needs a week between eaps or it just wont make sence. Kallen and C.C got a 1up in my books though.

"If you have not seen GITS yet, why the hell are you here".

"Best supporting characters ever, forever, fuck you if you say otherwise (the blue dude)".

"Epic kun, I remember way back when sensei first brought me to animu, after full metal alchemist, when anime was still good, ween out some new fags, we dont need you here.".

"useless bitch".

"this hit me like a sack of tits, I could have a beer with this guy".

"Soul eater, no Moe around these parts, you are kickass or you are not, that, is Soul Eater".

If fish could scream, the ocean would be loud as shit.