BL NC* - $29.75 // Kzka ↑4.½ - $22.0 // Nar ↑0.¾ - $37.0 // Ser NC* - $37.50 // SaiCha ↑15.0 - $45.0 // JkuSM ↓2.½ - $20.50 // GaKu ↑2.¾ - 33.0 // Eprxy ↑2.0 – $32

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nov 29 Soul Eater week

A new week in this financial times with the economy slowly trying to pull its way back up to the average.

"yay, xmas ninja sluts, the best!".

Every thing on the rise accept those that didn't deliver making a poor mark on their portfolio.

Bleach - ↑ 3.0 $24.75

Kurozuka - ↑ 1.0 $24.0 total

Naruto - ↑ 9.¾ $29.75 total

Soul Eater - ↑ 10.½ $32.0 total

Seto no Hanayome Jin - ↑ 6.¼ $25.0 total

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae - NC* $23.0 total

Bleach ( BL) – The appearance of Zaraki Kenpachi boosted Bleach this week by $3 by being the only damn man ever to kill a guy, still heavily sedated with filler content with faint flickering's of plot, Bleach enterprises still manages to baffle shareholders with employee idiocy. Designated healers standing next to fatally injured people, the so called fastest arrancar espada that takes 3 minutes to pull out his katana to kill a half dead person in the middle of a warehouse, but never quite made it because he decided to have a conversation with someone 50 meters behind him and a so called “execution squad” of 20 heavily armed, masked warriors that walked away after some lady said “hey, I'm just going to heal all your enemies and that guy with ginger the pimp fro', because hees fly”.
Needless to say management has been put under review. Bleach stocks coming to rest on $24.75 a share.

"Bout time someone died..."

Kurozuka (Kzka) – Slow starting already as the company takes a turn for paranoia this week leaving stockholders feeling they are watching a show of “Lost” but with an even less coherent plot than usual. The emergence that now anyone can have magic powers stumped buyers into thinking “wow so being a vampire that passes out all the time is lame if I can control awesome trees instead!”, has now shaken the company to the core in realization that they blow, and are now copying Naruto. The market players have also noticed that the main director of the company, Mr Kurozuka, has recently lacked strategic planning and is an idiot face for just now figuring that he knows nothing about his psycho girlfriend of a thousand years that managed cut his head off last Thursday. Kurozuka gains $1 for comedic value from ripping off a Keanu Reeves movie, coming to rest on $24.

"I sure am feeling some SPEED right about now, that must have been a 50ft gap!".

Naruto (Nar) – Blowing away this years budget in a single episode, boggling the minds of stock and business analysts alike, Naruto has come back from the age of the fillers where a single show depicted one punch that was easily blocked by the enemy while falling into some pointless backstory showing his/her motivation for blocking said punch that then lasts 22 min. This week, two characters from the Akatsuki have arrived, that I expected to die within the hour, have just won my respect. It may be that they use their awesome techniques one after the other while just punching everyone in the face using hand to hand combat, or it may be that one of the dudes is so manly that he can stab himself in the balls so hard that anyone watching dies. Without becoming an editorial, I would rather see Ino, Choji and Shikamaru die before these two badasses do. Due to the epic fight sequence and QUALITY this week Naruto goes up $9.75 a share, coming to rest at $29.75 total

"its hard so show action in a single pic that doesn't suck, so have these hardass fellas instead".

Soul Eater (Ser) – Soul Eater coming out in full force this week, boasting character development and kickass of Pimpslaping proportions. Up a whopping $10.½ a share mostly attributed to a newly revamped Black Star. Finally a character that talks the talk then walks the damn walk. With less plot armor, the fights matter, new hidden powers, although hes the strongest already and a blatant disregard for social rules in the face of others who think they matter, this alone has made the show the new top dog. With any hope ,black star will pull the world economy out of the hole it dug, just using his manlyness. This editor also takes back every thing Ive ever said about him even knowing its his fault that the demon god broke free. Soul eater now rests on $32 a share.

"Fuck you, thats why".

Seto no Hanayome Jin (SHJin) – up $6.25 to $25.0 a share this week after being instructed that there is no new season and “Seto no Hanayome Jin” is just an OVA. Big wall street players cry foul at false advertising to bump up share prices and demand blood but the company has made a counter attack with a 14 episode marathon to keep it afloat. A bold move on management part, with most of their hardware out the door there is little shenanigans left to keep them going in the long run, banking heavily on more OVA's, hopefully this tactic will keep buyers coming. Mermen, rejoice.

"somehow reminds me of jojo."

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae (JkuSM) – No change as product was not released this week, but with an episodic nature, no story line was lost and it holds its niche in the market at $23.0 a share.

"I have a quota to fill, so have some Blare instead".

One leg is half as long as twice the other.


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