BL NC* - $29.75 // Kzka ↑4.½ - $22.0 // Nar ↑0.¾ - $37.0 // Ser NC* - $37.50 // SaiCha ↑15.0 - $45.0 // JkuSM ↓2.½ - $20.50 // GaKu ↑2.¾ - 33.0 // Eprxy ↑2.0 – $32

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Run Down

For the sake of interest we are starting a few again on twenty, for market balance and because of bush's depression, but thanks to the government Bailout for my Christmas bonus, more traders are on there way for the new fiscal quarter. Just enough time for us to find some new running anime made not of fail, loli, and pedo.


Last weeks trading went well mostly due to fillers drying off but stockholders are holding out for more in these torrid times.

Bleach - ↑ 1.¾

Kurozuka - ↑ 3.0

Naruto - NC*

Soul Eater - ↑ 1.½

Seto no Hanayome Jin - ↓ 1.¼

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae - ↑ 3.0

Bleach ( BL) – coming quietly out of the gates, somewhat unexpected after a tedious filler arc that cut midway through an episode leaving buyers hungry for more. half the cockfights themselves are filler, thought up by management to be a good money saver, where the slightest breeze launched an opponent into the air for several minutes. After the 5th time, the “Road runner” effect kicked in and children globally stopped caring if coyote was really hurt this time. The emergence of new eye candy countered this problem in the company but was limmited in the long run as it did not deliver in 50% increase of underboob as promised in the business plan. As of now Bleach is standing on $21.75 a share but looking to climb.

"No underboob.".

Kurozuka (Kzka) – A new series of immortals/vampires, combined with bullet time, katana's, post apocalyptic story lines and generally unpleasant antagonists that quickly move the story romance aside leading to a no fuss bossfights where people actually die, Only the 6th eap in, it has the market jumping for more driving the shares up $3 coming to a rest on $23.0 in the first weeks trading.

"who else just thought of the streetfighter movie?".

Naruto (Nar) – steady on $20 giving shareholders the feeling of “left without”. They are ninjas, so I ask you, when did it go out of style to just stab your enemy in the neck and leave stealthily without them knowing it. Few people today can remember the last time someone was just punched flatly in the face and the emergence of elemental affinity's and techniques with there weaknesses combined people talking like they have been there all along since the beginning of the company have left buyers with the feeling of a big walrus sitting at the family dinner table, but only you can see it.

"Very rare to see actual fighting these days e.g hands and feet".

Soul Eater (Ser) – Excalibur filler episode for comic relief. Up $1.50 for the enormous amounts of troll, catching a niche in the market and coming to rest at $21.50

"Same for you, naruto".

Seto no Hanayome Jin (SHJin) – The only item to fall this week. $1.25 down, for making stockholders wait 2 weeks and counting for delivery without so much as a email, investors are willing to sell but thanks to the great opening week where on many occasion a “lol” was herd, they are being advised to hold on.


Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae (JkuSM) – new season of an episodic yet strangely addictive anime that combines people getting whats coming to them (if they are innocent they get it twice as hard) , nakedness, lesbians, hell, the blare witch project, contract killing and kickass. Rising $3 a share to $23.0 Jigoku Shoujo has now become the new lucky favorite to bet on, this editor hopes it will become even better when it develops a story but insider trading disputes this and hopes that it wont. "Why change a winning formula"?

"She will fuck you with a rake".



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