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Friday, November 28, 2008

Hiatus no more. ASX now with 20% more hate.

I'm keeping it short and sweet. No fancy formatting or anything. To sum it all up, the ASX is back up and running, no thanks to me (except for y'know, putting together a fucking sweet site and all), and full credit to Morgin Black because he's far more motivated than me when it comes to putting up faux stock reports on anime series.

Now before you get your imaginary hopes up, that doesn't mean you can look forward to daily updates and all that kind of stuff that real blog-things do (insightful commentary included). We're still lazy. When I say he's more motivated, I just mean he's more motivated than me. Or a rock.

He also has no class, so you can expect to look forward to that in the comment section. Should we ever get any.

Oh, one thing of interest. The site has been on hiatus for like a year, but somehow I have continued to get replies to my subtley-titled "Air Gear Blew" post, without fail. I can only presume that there are a lot of people googling for Air Gear related blow-job porno that feel very let down when they are directed to the ASX.

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Blogger Morgin Black said...

Ha ha, hey wait, what? FUCK YOU, YOU SUCK, i know where you live home boy.

3:17 PM

Anonymous bateszi said...

Crayotic! Welcome back. I used to really like this blog, so it's great to see you back in action. Good luck.

4:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell yes, finally the only episodic review blog worth reading is back. I fucking love you man.

8:04 PM


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