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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stockmarket Crash!

Things were going so well..

I'd managed to hit two blogging deadlines in a row.. which is unprecedented for me. So it only makes sense that something should capsize this ship of fun.

The wave for this came in the guise of a hdd failure. Well "wave" may be too light a term, as would "hdd failure." Y'know that giant wall of ocean at the end of The Perfect Storm? That's what this "wave" is like.. and it's less of a "hdd failure" as it is "god fucking me in the ass." (Oh, watch out, there's cursing in this post btw)

You see it was looking like I'd actually have everything back up and running within a couple of days and a fresh install.. but somehow upon rebooting my fresh install, i managed to lose all partition information on not my main drive...

a-hah! but I backed everything up sucka just in case I had to format the whole thing. Score!

Oh wait, hey what are you doing? You're erasing all information for my backup drive which isnt even involved in this install.. it's just an innocent bystander and you're smoking it's ass too?

As they might say in Japanese: WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL?!

So yes, that's basically how it is. There won't be any updates for a while because a) I have zero content to watch and am on the verge of being capped already, b) I don't want to really begin on anything until I know the system is stable enough to not erase my life, and c) because this has just got me ultra-bummed out. Productivity ain't happening in this state.

Just so this post isn't a complete waste, I'll leave you with the what I did manage to note down before the crash.

Crayotic Notwell


Flame on! Human torches wasn't the only concept that Bleach Inc. shared with movie, The Fantastic 4 on Monday. They both also manged to blow pretty damn hard. Biggest difference being that F4 made 154.69 million dollars domestic while BLCH dropped just shy of 2 points per share, leaving investors with far less than blockbuster bank accounts.

BLOOD+ 29-30

Character Development and Saya X Haji was the big export this week. Blood+ finally answered many questions stockholders had been asking since November last year, regarding rumours of the company CEO's scandalous past. Photographs were made public (seen here: guess what, lost all my screengrabs too!) and appeared to not only silence reporters, but made girly men hide under the catering table as well.

In additional news, that funny blue-rose guy returned to the company; Kai's girlfriend is hot, proving that assholes always get the girls; and Red Shield choose to stay in some cheap-assed hotels.

Trading back and forthed all day, but the lack of forward momentum lead to BLDP closing a quarter under par.

Forgive the lack of quality.. it's been a long week and I need to get this posted before another hdd dies on me.


Anonymous ZMAng said...

Eeks, good luck with your HDD crash. Sucks nuts, I'm sure.

Keep up the good work. Your blog is definitely one of my most interesting reads!

4:14 AM

Blogger Morgin Black said...

yea sory to hear crayotic, from the sounds of stuff your HDD always shits itself

i wont give you advice because you know better than me anyway :P

4:19 PM


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